Luke Renshaw

Recovery Coach

Luke Renshaw - Recovery Coach

About Luke

Luke spent the majority of his 20s and early 30s touring the globe in successful rock and roll bands. He played at festivals like Coachella, Bonnaroo, and Sasquatch, and even picked up a Juno nomination along the way.

While on this path Luke’s mental health and substance use issues ended up becoming a problem for him. He acknowledged that he needed to make a big change in his life.

After achieving years of sobriety, Luke now focuses his energy on the recovery of others, and is a passionate mental health advocate in the community.

Luke holds a certification in RIC (Rapid Intuitive Conditioning) anxiety coaching, which is based in both CBT and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

He also has extensive experience providing Community Outreach services, linking clients to appropriate substance use and addiction programs within the various Public Health resources at Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria General Hospital, Island Health, and the entire community of Victoria. Luke also facilitates a solutions-based anxiety support group in which he is able to impart wisdom based on his own journey with sobriety and mental health.

Luke believes that recovery is a subjective process. Everyone’s journey tends to be a little bit different, and that this concept should be honoured.

Accountability, self-compassion, and the journey of self-discovery are some of Luke’s main focuses as a recovery coach. He believes that infinite potential lies within all of us once we’re able to both recognize and understand our addictions.

Luke is a single dad and is raising two beautiful daughters in Victoria BC. In his spare time he remains an avid musician, enjoys skateboarding, yoga, reading, and spending time with his family on Hornby Island.

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