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Professional support for families affected by substance use, addiction, and mental health concerns.

Give Your Loved One the Chance to Change — Online Interventions

Watching someone you love battle with alcohol use disorder, alcoholism, drug addiction or mental health concerns is a painful and emotionally-draining experience. However, family members and friends are the most likely to encourage meaningful change.

But knowing how to approach a loved one who is experiencing addiction, drug or alcohol dependency, or a mental health crisis can feel like an impossible challenge.

I specialize in helping you overcome this challenge.

Through Invitational Interventions, Family Coaching, and Family Consulting services, my team and I work closely with you to help troubleshoot your loved ones’ destructive patterns and guide them towards long-term recovery. We can help with drug or alcohol interventions in Victoria, Vancouver, Nanaimo or anywhere on Vancouver Island or British Columbia. Whether your loved one is consuming alcohol, cocaine, opiates, prescription medication or has mental health or psychiatric concerns only — we can help. 

With careful planning and by acting with intention, compassion, and care, together we can successfully encourage positive change.

Book a no-charge consultation call, and start on the path of regaining confidence and peace today.

Testimonial by M.D.

“Michael helped us immensely, without him we would not have had a successful outcome with our daughter.”

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Ways To Work Together

There is no one-size-fits-all approach supporting someone through recovery. To help meet you where you are at, I have developed a variety of different services, outlined below.

Through these proven practices, I have witnessed incredible and lasting success supporting families and individuals navigate the complex world of substance use, addiction and recovery.

Alcohol Interventions

A professionally-directed, family-facilitated approach to help your loved one see the negative effects of their substance use. We do not do surprise interventions — we do invitational interventions. Inviting the love one to attend a "family meeting" instead of surprising — has excellent outcomes. 

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Family Coaching

For some families, an intervention isn’t necessarily the best step. Family Coaching using the CRAFT Model of Addiction helps you to make sense of what’s going on by answering your questions and providing ongoing support, tools, and strategies to communicate.

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Family Consultations

Sometimes all you need is a single session to bring clarity and peace-of-mind to your family’s current situation. Family Consultations can help you set up and fine tune your approach to a specific issue or conversation you are planning.

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Let’s Determine the Best Approach

I am here to help you understand your options and identify the best solution for your family’s needs.

Get started by booking a no-charge, no-obligation consultation call. Together we will discuss your situation in more detail so you and your loved one can feel confident and supported. We can easily do alcohol interventions in Victoria, Nanaimo, Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary or any city in western Canada. We work with the best drug and alcohol counsellors, online addiction treatment providers, inpatient treatment centres, outpatient addition treatment and mental health services to help your loved one to stop drinking alcohol or the use of cocaine, cannabis, opiates and prescription medication. 

Phone or text me at 1.888.308.0002, or click below to set up your consultation online. We are one of the top Interventionists on Vancouver Island and easily accessible to Mainland Vancouver.

How We Work Together

My team and I most frequently work with families remotely, both online and through phone support. In-person intervention facilitation is also available across Western Canada and in most major Canadian cities.

Online Support

I work with families and individuals online and worldwide, through secure online video services and confidential phone/email support.

In-person Interventions

My team can travel to your family home for in-person intervention support if you are located in Western Canada or a major Canadian city (travel expenses apply).

Services for Families & Friends

The services on this website are developed specifically for family members and friends who wish to support a loved one experiencing addiction, substance use, or mental health concerns.

1-on-1 Services for Individuals

My team and I also work directly with individuals experiencing addiction, with Recovery Coaching and Sober Companionship services to support their recovery. Learn more at

Your Guide Through The Recovery Process

I’m Michael Walsh – interventionist and addiction recovery specialist. I have extensive experience helping individuals through recovery, and I know first-hand that addiction is a family affliction.

I also know what it’s like to be at your wits’ end when it comes to addiction and mental health concerns.

I’ve been there myself, and I’ve helped countless families who’ve been there too.

Addiction is a Family Affliction

Problematic substance use affects everyone in its proximity – and especially those closest to it. The impacts of addiction are destabilizing for family units, and do not go unheeded by children.

Just being in the vicinity of someone who is using substances is emotionally draining, and can bring up many feelings linked to a sense of loss of control:

  • Guilt
  • Frustration
  • Depression
  • Shame
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Self-blame
  • Sadness
  • Fear

My family-focused services can address the feelings above, and ultimately:

  • Provide you with the ability to establish clear boundaries
  • Help you to regain your lost sense of control
  • Return stability to your family unit

If this sounds like something your family could benefit from, why not reach out today?

How A Recovery Specialist Benefits The Family

As interventionists and recovery specialists, my team and I provide tried-and-true methods that help restore peace in your home, and in the lives of yourself and your loved one.

Below I have outlined just some of the ways I can help you regain a sense of structure, build calmness, and put you back in control.

Lift Your Emotional Burden

As you start to acknowledge your fears and talk openly about your realities, your emotional burden will begin to lift.

Alleviate the Sense of Chaos

Working with an addictions specialist adds an immediate sense of structure, calm, and control to what can otherwise feel like chaotic time.

Bring Awareness to Actions

With professional guidance, you can help a loved one battling with addiction recognize the impact their behaviour is having on themselves and those around them.

Meet You Where You’re At

My team and I offer proven practices that achieve meaningful results. From interventions to consulting, you will find a tailored solution that helps to address your specific needs.

Let’s Start a Conversation Today

I’m happy to offer complimentary consultation calls to answer your questions.

Addiction can affect all people of all backgrounds. I work with parents, relatives, spouses, adult children, friends, colleagues, and roommates to provide their loved one with the chance to change.

Get in touch today to book an easy, 15-20 minute call to explore your options, without any pressure to make a decision. 

1-on-1 Recovery Coaching & Sober Companionship

Did you know I can also work directly with your loved one? To learn more about Recovery Coaching or Sober Companionship, please visit my partner site at