Michael Walsh & associates

Our team of interventionists, therapists, and recovery coaches.

We’ve Got Your Back

I have worked as a Recovery Coach and Family Interventionist since 2014. Since then, I have developed a team of highly-trained and accredited coaches from a variety of different backgrounds.

My team and I have helped thousands of individuals and families through recovery from addiction and substance use. Each member of the Michael Walsh team has a unique story, and came to this work through different circumstances.

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Click through the bios below to meet our team of interventionists, therapists, and recovery coaches.

  • Michael Walsh

    Interventionist | Family Coach & Consultant | Recovery Coach

  • Rochelle Davidson

    Recovery Coach CCRC, RCP | Facilitator | Mentor Coach

  • Connor O’Reilly

    Recovery Coach | CCRC NCPRSS

  • Lainey Southgate

    Associate Recovery Coach

  • Todd Adams


  • Mike Shea

    Family Coach using CRAFT Model of Addiction | Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

  • Dylan Dewis

    Interventionist | Recovery Coach

  • Dr. Michael Berry R. Psych

    Clinical Psychologist | Clinical Advisor

  • Curtis Bobier

    Associate Recovery Coach

About Our Approach

My team and I will meet you and your family where you’re at, from a place of empathy and understanding, knowing how hard it is to ask for help.

Each member of our team knows how deep the impacts of addiction, substance use, and mental health run. From partners and family members to friends and colleagues, everyone in the immediate vicinity can feel the destabilizing effect.

There Are Many Ways to Approach Recovery

Everyone’s experience with addiction is unique, and I have found tailoring my services around each individual’s unique situation is the best way to achieve results.

I Want to Understand Your Situation

When you first reach out, I’ll get to know your situation through a free consultation call where we can discuss the best course of action for your needs.

Our Services Provide You With Options

Once we determine if an intervention, ongoing coaching, or even a single consultation call is best for you, my team and I will share our expertise, leveraging proven methodology to inform a strategy for recovery.

Change Begins With a Single Call

If you are concerned about a loved one’s drug or alcohol use or have mental health concerns surrounding substance use, my team and I are here to help.

To help get you started, I offer a no-charge, no-pressure consultation.

Together we’ll discuss your situation, and I will help you to understand your options so you can feel confident and supported in helping your loved one through their recovery.

1-on-1 Recovery Coaching & Sober Companionship

Did you know I can also work directly with your loved one? To learn more about Recovery Coaching or Sober Companionship, please visit my partner site at MichaelWalsh.com