Rochelle Davidson

Wellness Coach, Recovery Coach

Rochelle Davidson - Wellness Coach, Recovery Coach

About Rochelle

A wife, rescue dog mom, obsessed cyclist, adventure traveler, and committed wellness and Recovery Coach.

My mission is to embolden and equip women to live fully and freely. FREE from substances, shame, and stuckness. FREE to experience health, joy, and meaning in their lives.

Trauma, addiction and LIFE can make you forget who you are. A coach who has been where you are now can help you remember.

My first real appreciation for the preciousness of life occurred when I heard the words “You’ve got cancer.” Being confronted with my own mortality, I got that life is much too short to be spent merely ‘surviving’, which I had witnessed in so many workplaces.

My role as a facilitator, team, and leadership coach fuelled my vision to see people and organizations thrive. I worked every day to support my clients in creating environments where their people are inspired and connected to each other in meaningful ways. Where they use their strengths to contribute to something bigger than themselves. Where they leave at the end of the day taking their best selves to their families, friends, and communities.

My second awakening to life started when I began my personal recovery journey from trauma and substance abuse. On both my cancer and recovery paths, I was reminded of the healing power, strength, and importance of community.

I now find purpose supporting women seeking wellness in their lives – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual – and having the honour of being part of their community. This includes women in recovery.

I believe we are all in recovery from something at various points in our lives, whether it be burnout, trauma, loss, grief, substance use and other addictive behaviours, illness, divorce, or a myriad of other things. It is part of being human, as is wanting fulfillment, meaning and joy.

I also know that we are not meant to go it alone, and that we are in fact stronger together.

As a certified recovery and trauma-informed coach, I help make wellness and vitality attainable. What now gets me out of bed every morning (besides my two hungry dogs) is the opportunity to help women free themselves from what doesn’t serve them, to help build wellness capital, recovery capital, and create alignment so they can live true to self.

A lifelong athlete committed to physical fitness, I focus on holistic wellbeing and the interconnection between physical, mental and spiritual health – in my own life, and with my clients.

It’s time to thrive.

Rochelle’s credentials

  • MA, Applied Behavioral Science (Coaching & Consulting for Organizations), Bastyr University
  • BA, Commerce, University of British Columbia
  • Certified Trauma-informed Coach, Moving the Human Spirit
  • Recovery Coach, Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery
  • She Recovers Designated Recovery Coach, She Recovers Foundation
  • CPCC, ACC, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, International Coach Federation
  • Trained in Systems and Team Coaching, Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching
  • Certified in The Leadership Circle Profile (individual and culture)
  • Certified IGOLU leader

1-on-1 Recovery Coaching & Sober Companionship

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